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Going Beyond the Stage

When this financial company asked us to reimagine their annual 10,000-person Focus conference as a virtual event, we knew the project would require every tool at our disposal. On top of creating a TV-ready production with hours of original content, it was all done while adhering to COVID-19 safety regulations. In short, this project would be the ultimate test of endurance and ingenuity. Just the way we like it.

3 Days on-site filming
79 Videos produced
20 Breakouts
10,000 Attendees

Creating the Look

A comprehensive visual identity informed the look of everything from emails and website content to the anchors’ desk and other on-stage decor. Of course, the videos themselves incorporated stylized motion graphics and branded visuals to further highlight the event’s unique aesthetic.

Production in a Pandemic

Our main goal for Focus was twofold: make a great show and make it safe. We traveled to Charlotte, NC to record our event on-site. In addition to building a custom set that kept workstations six feet apart, we outlined best practices for operating the show and coordinating the crew for the client’s benefit.

Content is King

When it comes to virtual events, video content is a key component. To fill three days’ worth of pre-recorded material, we produced 79 individual videos. These cinema-quality set pieces included instructional videos for the event website, breakout sessions, executive presentations, and a series of “live-to-tape” newsroom-style commentaries.


" Great job guys. What an amazing experience you folks put together. The technology platform exceeded my expectations. "

Focus Attendee

" There is nothing that can compare to attending Focus in person, but with that being said, "Virtual Focus" exceeded my expectations. "

Focus Attendee

“I made the mistake of not blocking out enough time to focus on the content. I was surprised at how well it was done! I wish I had been able to explore more than I was. It was easy to navigate and content was topical. ”

Focus Attendee

“I prefer in-person, but I really think they should be proud of what they put together for this year given time constraints and general COVID related difficulties.”

Focus Attendee

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