Petit St. Vincent Incentive Trip


Program Overview

Imagine traveling to a destination for a company incentive trip where you had the entire island to yourself! This is the experience we brought to 40 lucky winners of a company incentive trip that blew the socks off every attendee and executive alike. Activities on this trip included a head-to-head regatta race to Tobago Cays, snorkeling, wind surfing, hiking, and tons of down time to relax and recharge individually. Best of all, colleagues had opportunities to connect with the leadership team with their feet in the sand and out of the office environment — now that’s exclusive!

40 People
4 Nights
5 Days
5 Curated gifts

Trip Design

With previous feedback from other incentive trips, the client requested more downtime so their team members could spend time with their guests and recharge. There were a few significant group activities together, but the majority was spent at leisure. This schedule was an appropriate balance for the client. The activities were more considerately focused on team-building skills, like the sailing regatta and the scavenger hunt.

Visual Identity

The design was based on the executive team’s desire and comfort around the nautical theme. Since the ELT felt passionate about the nautical aspects, it was only appropriate to carry that through design and gifting aspects of the trip. The logo for the trip was based on the nautical alphabet and carried through in the pendant flag design. The visual identity of the trip also matched the trip’s focused activities on sailing.

Marketing Campaign

The marketing campaign included customized and intricate designs from the trip announcement to the teaser campaigns to the typography on the back of on-site materials like the schedule. The pre-mailer for the trip was a foldable pop-up instead of a sheet of paper, which added to the elite feeling of the trip. The campaign offered light touches, but each piece was intentionally crafted to carry the theme through by building excitement and anticipation for the upcoming trip.



Pampering the attendees went beyond just the amazing island activities. Before attendees even left for the trip, each received a package of gifts to prepare and build excitement. In addition, attendees were surprised along the way with branded gifts paired with different events throughout the trip. Everyone could use a dry bag when racing around a private island on regattas, am I right?


"I am so motivated to repeat this experience. I am working harder than ever to be able to do something like this again. you don't know how wonderful it is until you get the opportunity. Late nights and early mornings are inconsequential if i can win again."


"Helped me better understand our executives and my colleagues. It was also like a mini honeymoon. We still feel good from that trip!"


"My guest and I had a chance to laugh and relax together. It brought my stress level back down to a manageable level and I feel refreshed to work harder."


"Great time to relax and get to know key performers at a personal level"


"Spending time with the executive team is so important for me in my role. I learn more about our business rationale."


"I developed relationships with the executives that allowed me to better serve the broader team. Plus, I just like knowing them all on a more personal level. That connection is a real driver for me — personal connection!!!!"


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