We are passionate about intentionally crafting, designing, and activating the stories that matter to you and your attendees.

Captivating set design, radiant screens of color and motion, thoughtfully timed moments for lighting, audio, and entertainment, and well-rehearsed speakers that present proudly onstage, in front of it all, sharing with their people the experience of a memory as it is created; when gifted this opportunity to transform a company’s connection, we take it.

As a close-knit team of talented Producers, Production Managers and Technical Directors, we offer centuries of combined show knowledge and a roster of relationships that span the globe. Unbridled Productions provides best-in-class show flow development, A/V sourcing and contracting, budget, equipment and labor management, floor plans and 3D renders.

For the entire life cycle of your event, from the initiation of a budget and the selection of a venue to the ideation and creation of content, we tackle the obstacles of planning with you, as partners and collaborators on a shared journey of bringing to life the stories that matter most to you and your attendees.

Don’t know us? Meet our Event Production services.

Show Flow
Stage Design, Renders, & Floorplans
Virtual Events
Presentation Design & Optimization
Signage Design & Installation
Audio & Visual Fulfillment
Executive Producing
Environmental Design
Technical Direction
Speaker Coaching & Speech Writing

Meet Our Team

Kevin Miller


Jared Karshner

Director, Productions/Partner

Don Ceppi

Executive Producer, Partner

Andrea Albert

Executive Producer/Partner

Tammy Longenecker

Director of Operations

Chris Luebke

Executive Producer

Alex Fowler


Adam Bruenig


Lauren Friedrich


Kellie Shurtz

Associate Producer

Joel Heaslip

Sr. Production Manager

Karl Nauman

Sr. Production Manager

Ian Novelo

Production Manager

Alec Burke

Production Manager

Patrick Stoll

Production Manager

Adam Hoppe

Virtual Event Director

Blaise Brockelbank

Virtual Events Specialist

Our Work

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