Leadership Summit 2020

Casual Dining | 500+ Restaurants | 28,000 Employees

Celebrating the Past, Planning the Future

Our relationship with Red Robin is unique. For starters it’s a 17-year relationship, and for the main course we both love celebrating culture. The 2020 Leadership Summit thematically connected the context of New Orleans to both the informational and inspirational messaging needs for the conference, it felt like a true celebration of Red Robin’s culture and character — a big win in the Big Easy.








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24/7 Logistics

In addition to managing all air and ground travel, Unbridled provided on-site registration and name badge printing which streamlined wait times. Using the event app, attendees were able to create personalized schedules by selecting their own breakout sessions.

Thematic Through Lines

We brought the iconic vibe of New Orleans into the event hall with a “Burger Krewe” theme. Signage and other on-site materials were decorated with a Creole aesthetic and enhanced with hand-drawn details. The city’s Cajun culture influenced the food, decor, entertainment and tone of the event.

Curating Consistency

In collaboration with Red Robin, we developed a story arc that wove consistent messaging throughout the entire event. This roadmap serves as a guidepost for the tone and planning around breakouts, awards, speaker scripts, design and show flow.

Reviews Are In

"Love the job the Unbridled team does every year."

Red Robin Attendee

"The location was amazing, and I thought the breakouts were very informative and interactive. Unbridled Travel did an excellent job, and makes it easy on us. "

Red Robin Attendee

" I loved that the message from all presenters was cohesive."

Red Robin Attendee

"Keep using Unbridled. They are phenomenal, friendly and thorough."

Red Robin Attendee

"The information was both relevant and conveyed in an exciting manner. I appreciate how much effort must've gone into making this conference even come to be! The logistics, and all the other details! It didn't seem like anything was missed, and I felt like it was all put together to benefit me, and to re-engage me so that I can take it all back to my restaurant and share with my team!"

Red Robin Attendee

"Our culture and people are like no other. My Red Robin family makes me smile."

Red Robin Attendee