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Having managed everything from 10-person board meetings to 3,000 person conventions over the years, Unbridled Travel was born to not just satisfy a niche, but rather enhance it. Our premier travel services range from ground transportation to custom flight itineraries to accommodate travel all around the world.

Whether you have an executive to transfer from the airport to a meeting site or a corporate night on the town, our impeccable sedans, limousines, vans, motor coaches and mini-buses will provide trouble-free transportation to your event on time.

Born from the successes of Unbridled Solutions, Unbridled Travel uses the know-how and customer dedication from our full service agency to bring travel services to the industry. Having extensive backgrounds in Destination Management Company services, Event Execution and Planning, Unbridled Travel’s team uses this expertise to create a better overall travel experience for our clients.

Our Services


From start to finish, we are here for you. From making sure all your attendees travel plans are accounted for to making sure you reach your desired budget, Unbridled Travel is here for you each step of the way.


Attendee engagement begins the moment your attendees set foot out their door, suitcase in hand. Unbridled Travel is here to help with any stress your attendee might have. By arranging budget friendly transportation to and from the airport to a meeting site or venue, we monitor both incoming and outgoing flights to ensure your guests arrive on-time and stress free.


Leveraging our strong vendor relations to benefit your bottom line, we pass our cost directly on to the client with a flat management fee, nothing more.


To ensure success while on-site at your meeting or event, we offer on-site staffing services. This entails attendee meet and greet services to a point person to offer support while on-site.


Our Unbridled Travel team is seasoned when it comes to the level of professionalism and consistency your VIP expects. Our VIP services allow us to focus on what is important for both you and your VIP to make you look good.


With the assistance our talented and seasoned travel agents, your attendees won’t have to fuss over the stress of booking their own travel. With guided travel and budget parameters, our agents book the most convenient flights that adhere to your program schedule while being cognizant of your overall budget .

Your Travel Experts



Originally from North Carolina, I moved to Park City, Utah after college and became a Ski Bum for several years. Through friends, I discovered the industry of Travel Directing and was fortunate enough to work three Olympic games and travel the world. My love of the mountains led me to Denver to pursue a career in the DMC world. Having known Unbridled for years it was easy for me to make the transition from the DMC world to exclusively transportation for our clients.

“Who would play you in a movie and why?”
Jim Carey, Circa 1996 (he was funny back then)

“If you met a genie who offered you three wishes, what would you wish for?”
1. Refer to Jake’s Wishes
2. A treehouse in a Rain Forest
3. Endless days on a beach

What it means to be Unbridled:
To be authentic, sincere, and honest.


Partner / Account Executive

Despite growing up in the Midwest, I have fully embraced the Colorado lifestyle. Outside of work, you can find me in the mountains, skiing, hiking, biking, and camping. I grew up in Cincinnati but then moved around the country, working with Hyatt Hotels. Furthering my love of travel, I worked as a Travel Director with Maritz travel, spending a majority of my time living on the road, operating programs and seeing the world.

“Who would play you in a movie and why?”
Paul Rudd.

“If you met a genie who offered you three wishes, what would you wish for?”
1. Human flight
2. My own private island
3. To be an expert in every type of activity

What it means to be Unbridled:
To be authentic and genuine in everything I do.


Event Manager

Like any Colorado native, I spend my time in Colorado exploring the beautiful Rocky Mountains with my husband, Chris, and our two yellow labs, Molly and Finn. When I am away from my desk, you can find me line dancing at the world famous, Grizzly Rose or cheering on the Denver Broncos with friends and family. One day, I hope to retire to a big piece of land and adopt as many dogs as my husband will allow.

“Who would play you in a movie and why?”
Kristin Bell because she is quirky, funny, and kind.

“If you met a genie who offered you three wishes, what would you wish for?”
1. More wishes, obviously.
2. That dogs could live forever
3. An endless supply of pickles (Kosher Whole Dill)

What it means to be Unbridled:
To live fearlessly while being true to yourself and being kind and supportive to others.


VP Operations

One word to describe me is “optimistic”. Life is too short to worry about things you cannot control. Love the fall, love to laugh, love movies, skiing, the Colorado Rockies, the Denver Broncos and any activity my kids participate in. I love to travel but to me there is no better place than home!!

“Who would play you in a movie and why?”
Michelle Pheiffer because it’s my movie and why not shoot for the moon 😊

“If you met a genie who offered you three wishes, what would you wish for?”
1. to bring my brother back ☹
2. health and happiness for my children
3. to see my son pitch in a major league game and my daughter sing lead in a Broadway musical

What it means to be Unbridled:
To be Unbridled is to think big, think out of the box and have the support of others to explore new ideas. Nothing is off limits when developing an “Unbridled” business model. Unbridled Travel aims to incorporate that mindset in all that we do to bring our clients a truly Unbridled experience!!


Travel Agent Supervisor

I have been in the travel business for 42 years. I love to spend time with my family and friends, our grandchildren make our lives fuller. My husband and I are fierce Broncos and Rockies fans.

“Who would play you in a movie and why?”
Jennifer Garner/Her family is her world.

“If you met a genie who offered you three wishes, what would you wish for?”
1. Good health
2. Peace for mankind
3. To hear my dad’s wonderful laugh one more time

What it means to be Unbridled:
To be true to myself and compassionate and kind to others. To be given respect you must give respect.


Travel Agent

I’ve been a Travel Agent since 1984 and have worked in Leisure, Corporate, Government and Group Travel over the years in three (3) states (NY-homegrown, VA, and CO) and for three (3) companies. I live with my rescue cat, Kai-a very talkative “tortie”, in a condo I purchased this year-2018 (1st homeowning experience) out near the DEN airport. I am the only one in my extended family to live west of the Mississippi!

“Who would play you in a movie and why?”
Rachel Ray – I like to cook and she is an Upstate NY girl too.

“If you met a genie who offered you three wishes, what would you wish for?”
1. A dinner/chat with God, Jesus, and my family members no longer with us on earth.
2. No more hunger on earth, anywhere, but especially not children!
3. Three more wishes…why not??!

What it means to be Unbridled:
Unstoppable and enthusiastic, whether about work or something that gives you joy and purpose to your life.


Travel Agent

Years of Experience: 35 Years


Travel Manager

I grew up in a small town in Montana but have lived in the Denver area the past 25+ years. I enjoying spending time with my husband and 2 kids.

“Who would play you in a movie and why?”
Sandra Bullock

“If you met a genie who offered you three wishes, what would you wish for?”
1. Unlimited knowledge
2. a personal chef
3. another Genie

What it means to be Unbridled:
To think and work outside the box

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