National Sales Meeting

Pharma | Virtual Event

Program Overview

Originally planned as an in-person event, the COVID crisis quickly forced us to pivot to a virtual format. What we created was an engaging, unified attendee experience and a resoundingly successful event. We integrated unique tactics throughout the lifecycle of the event that captured attendees’ attention (gifts!), kept them focused (content!), helped them feel connected to the group (the app!), and incentivized their interaction (virtual scavenger hunts!).

1,950 Gift boxes
17 Videos
18 Awards

Virtual Exhibit Hall

Attendees were able to visit virtual “booths” populated with content from internal teams either on the event website or the custom app. This included team information, videos, downloadable documents, FAQs, and a Live Chat function.


In order to boost attendee engagement and help them feel physically connected, we created a sequential gifting experience across the two-day event. This consisted of a large, branded box with five smaller boxes inside that attendees were prompted to open at specific moments during the event. Gifts included conference swag, give-back activity materials, all the makings for a coffee/tea break, and celebratory items for the awards show.

The App

The app we developed became a central part of maintaining engagement across the entire event. Not only did it house the Virtual Event Hall, it also included the meeting agenda, attendee directory, and speaker profiles. What made it special was the activity feed where attendees posted hundreds of messages, photos playlists and the award winners after the show.


" I really liked the connection through live stream and presentations with colleagues. It helped so much during this time when we can't physically be together in the office "

Sobi Attendee

" Great format! We covered an emense amount of information in a time span that was palatable for people with short attention spans like myself. I left the day feeling extremely inspired and not the least bit burnt out. "

Sobi Attendee

“The boxes were so fun! Love the surprises!”

Sobi Attendee

“Very impressed with the experience created in this virtual setting! The boxes to create this engagement was creative and meaningful.”

Sobi Attendee

“love the use of chat functions and activity feeds. loved seeing all the faces and having leadership 'in my home' "

Sobi Attendee

“The App was a fantastic way to keep connected, also I really like the pop up check in/reminders”

Sobi Attendee

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