All Managers' Conference

Fast Casual Restaurant
3300 Locations
100,000 Employees

Cultivating Connection at Scale

The 2022 All Managers’ Conference (AMC) was primarily focused on connecting and inspiring Chipotle’s leaders. The theme for the 2022 AMC was centered on Chipotle’s mission to Cultivate A Better World. We gave life to this theme through narratives from leaders and executives, like how purpose drives leadership, inspires action, and fuels values.

After 7 years, our collaboration with Chipotle has grown into a real partnership in which we work hand-in-hand with Chipotle’s executives on content, and their conference experience team on logistics and planning. With a firm purpose and set of objectives, every touch point was crafted from the heartbeat of Cultivating A Better World.

3 Days
3300 Attendees
10 Speakers Supported
17 Custom Videos

The Experience

Chipotle’s AMC was a company event that took place over 3 days at the MGM in Las Vegas. Through our partnership, Unbridled managed all the touch points of this event from sourcing and contracting, to program strategy, event planning, presenter content, video production, stage design, live event production, breakout management, talent and entertainment sourcing, group air booking, and ground transportation.

Visual Identity

The AMC logo was designed by Unbridled and has remained a hallmark branding element. Embracing the acronym, AMC, allowed for the simplicity to bring in other brand elements across a gamut of collateral and signage pieces.

Presentation Design & Speaker Support

By providing services such as scriptwriting, story development, presentation design, and speaker coaching, we moved beyond just being a partner, and became an extension of Chipotle’s team. We designed visuals that were thoughtfully integrated  with the scripts and outlines of the presenters, which resonated well with their people.


In tandem with the presenters’ overarching story, video plays a vital role in the high impact and emotive delivery of key messaging. From motion graphics opening sequences to traveling the country for live-action, documentary-style film shoots, our video team directs and produces a gamut of rich and cinematic footage that lives on far beyond the event.

Food with Integrity
Leading with Purpose
Roundup Reel

Motion Graphics Design

Welcome Reception Hype Video
AMC Logo Reveal
Speaker Title Card
Adobo Awards Open
Best Digital Sales
Best Guest Experience
Allegiant South Video Board

Event Production

Our production services bring all of the content, video, and messaging to life through innovative stage design, lighting, A/V, and much more. From the massive general sessions in the Grand Garden Arena, to performances from top-tier entertainment, our production team produces it all from the ground up.

Breakout Design

Unlike the typical breakout, AMC focuses on experiential learning that incorporates adult learning theory, interaction, tactile experiences, peer-to-peer discussion, and gamification. These Learning Labs cultivate novel experiences that increase learning retention, and foster connection and engagement.

Experiential Design

Beyond the breakout design, experiential design flows into all aspects of the event, including evening event design, custom-built structures, off-site events, a pop-up store build-out, registration, awards, and many more touch points.


One of the most important aspects of corporate events is recognition. For AMC, the Adobo Awards invites every attendee to a celebratory experience with world-class entertainment, decor, and bespoke experiences manicured to evoke the unforgettable.


"At AMC, I learned how to drive purpose with the teams, teach values, and increase retention."

Chipotle Attendee

"I loved how smooth the conference was. Overall, every food experience, every dinner experience, and travel experience felt easy to navigate. "

Chipotle Attendee

"I was very inspired by everything from AMC. I’m excited to take all of this knowledge and the experiences to my team."

Chipotle Attendee

"It was a great experience for my first AMC, and I learned a lot from all my peers and Chris Gardner. Can’t wait to share with my team and the next AMC."

Chipotle Attendee

"This was simply amazing and inspiring. Thank you for all of the hard work that must have gone into pulling this off!"

Chipotle Attendee

"Thank you for the AMAZING speakers!! I was able to bring that passion, excitement and enthusiasm back to my store and share it with my staff!!"

Chipotle Attendee

"It was great to see how our hard work has touched people who are equally as passionate about helping others to make a better culture and change the world!!"

Chipotle Attendee

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