Africa Incentive Trip

Inner Circle

Program Overview

“Meeting colleagues from all over the world, building relationships with the leadership team, and having fun in exclusive locations” is only scratching the surface of what the Inner Circle trip to Tanzania brought to its award winners. This 8-day, immersive experience included multiple locations in which attendees soaked in unforgettable moments. Imagine laying on a pool deck in the Serengeti overlooking a watering hole with a family of elephants, or loading up into a Toyota Land Cruiser for a game drive guided by locals.

Next, board a chartered aircraft to the African coast of Zanzibar where you will spend several days taking in the culture, touring, snorkeling, and celebrating colleagues with an “Arabian Nights” themed awards dinner. Crafting a trip with this level of intention not only offers employee motivation but sows seeds of connection with each other and the company’s mission as a whole.

100 attendees
8 days
3 locations
3 chartered planes
20 curated gifts per attendee

Trip Design

The design of each trip begins with our team scouting the best of luxury hotels, dining, and culture-immersive experiences at the destination of choice. Each detail of the agenda is engineered to suit the particular needs of the attendees, allowing time for leisure and relaxation as well as adventures like, snorkeling at Prison Island and game drives in the Serengeti. Above all, the design of the trip includes key moments of celebration, recognition, and connection between the award winners and executives.

Visual Identity

Theming and detail goes a long way when it comes to designing an incentive trip with a curated, unique, and personal touch. By creating a one-of-a-kind visual identity, the experience of the trip is elevated from generic and repeatable, to unique and exclusive. For Inner Circle, we wove the Africa-themed branding throughout each detail of the trip from pre-mailer communications and signage, down to custom-branded luggage tags and charter plane tickets for each group.

Marketing & Collateral

Pre-communication is paramount when it comes to planning a trip of this caliber. Custom-branded websites allowed for attendees to register, view agendas and attractions, access immunization information, and learn the essential items to pack for the trip. In addition to having a hub of information, the attendees were each sent a pre-mailer box with branded gifts inside to build even more anticipation and excitement for the trip.


Community Giveback

Being able to partake in a trip like this is a privilege beyond words. However, what makes this experience even more meaningful for the attendees, is the opportunity to give back to the local community. To this end, the client partnered with Unbridled ACTS on an impactful CSR that was incorporated into their Welcome Breakfast and Program Review on the second day of the trip. Donations of household, medical, school, sports, and hygiene goods were collected and presented to the children of Rehobath Children’s Center, as well as a financial donation to cover a water purifier and all the children’s yearly school fees. The beauty of the trip pales in comparison to the joy of the children as they joined in the Welcome Breakfast and sang songs in gratitude alongside the attendees.


Intentionality goes a long way, and this trip is full of it. Imagine sitting down for dinner where the centerpiece includes Baobab Trees of Life and a personal Shanga napkin ring to take with you. Later in the evening, return to your room and find your own personal pair of binoculars waiting for you to take on the game drive the next day. Intentional gifting is what transforms an ordinary trip into one that is special, personal, and unforgettable. This really was the trip that keeps on giving.


"The Inner Circle planning team and support we had on site at all locations were fantastic, very attentive, knowledgeable, tireless, good humored, and a great help!"


"This incentive trip has certainly inspired me to do everything in my power to get to experience a trip like this again."


"If you have never won before, the Inner Circle trip itself is a huge motivator. Subsequently, the destinations then become the prime motivator."


"Meeting colleagues from all over the world, building relationship and having fun in exclusive locations/amazing activities with excellent event staff was immensely valuable."


"This trip was VERY motivational. I use the Inner Circle trip to push me on Friday afternoons when I am ready to pack it in, but I do a few extra things that can help make the difference between going and not going!"


"Being able to engage with the company mission and receive real recognition of achievement was a huge value for me."


"The Inner Circle planning team was perfect in everything. They were always ready, kind, and trustworthy."


"What I found most valuable about Inner Circle was the fun, team learning, and time spent together with executives out of the office."


"To be recognized & motivated and to network with the entire team was one of the best takeaways from this trip."


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