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Corporate retreats are the chance for CEOs, board members, and other leaders to see the forest from the trees. Rising to meet daily challenges is a full-time job for a good reason, but getting caught in the weeds leaves little time for considering the big picture and planning ahead. Leaving the office can offer a brief rest from everyday pressures and be restorative, so that leaders position themselves to properly evaluate their company’s direction. The opportunity to reset and reconnect with peers and look ahead is the first step toward an upcoming stellar year.

Annual retreats are a proverbial and literal breath of fresh air that everyone needs. Scenic destinations inspire the mind and soul. A well-executed retreat can leave leaders feeling like they can conquer mountains or swim entire oceans. That drive will in turn push entire staffs to reach new heights. The results will be evident in sales, customer satisfaction, and other key metrics companies measure, regardless of industry.

Here, we look at five benefits corporate retreats offer company leadership.

New Perspectives

One of the most important elements of planning a successful future strategy is for organizational leads to think about things from a different point of view. Getting out of the office is a great first step. A retreat on neutral territory–away from any headquarters–opens a world of possibilities. And that is what a retreat is for: exploring potential solutions. Think of it like taking a hike in which your group hits a fork in the road. The path chosen will dictate what obstacles to overcome and what goals are achievable. The retreat is that chance to consider something new.

Building Connection

There isn’t a leader alive who doesn’t face some sort of challenge ahead. Some of these obstacles can seem absolutely daunting. Teambuilding and other group activities serve as a great vehicle to build bridges among peers while having some good old-fashioned fun, which often reveals sides of individuals unseen in the office. The trust earned during these exercises lays the foundation for leading teams forward. Hiking to a summit is an easy way to push leaders to reach their peak potential, but it’s hardly the only way to get the message across. Leaders can discover new ways to encourage collaboration and camaraderie through their experiences at the retreat, to say nothing about considering innovative motivation methods to get their teams to reach their maximum ability.

Less is More

Among the niceties of retreats is that they are smaller in size than a typical meeting or conference. This allows for the time and opportunity to have meaningful interactions rather than a simple handshake greeting. Smaller groups allow the attendees to explore leadership and future-centered topics through in-depth conversations in which every voice is heard. Many of the Department Leaders’ challenges can be discussed holistically, and also be given the time and attention it needs to arrive to some solutions. A corporate retreat is the perfect backdrop for leaders to discuss and find a way forward.

Safety & Transparency

It’s only human for leaders of companies to disagree from time to time or have opposing ideas for solutions, which means creating a sense of safety will be important in order to promote free and honest discussion. To preface these discussions, take the work hat off and do an experience together with the goal of having good, plain, fun. This helps build a positive and disarming disposition where each member of the leadership team can have a seat at the table and have their challenges and ideas heard as they pave a path forward for the company.

Integrating New Leadership

We are in a new corporate world, with many industry titans retiring to make room for the next generation of executives. For a board to operate functionally, its members need to know and trust together. Power lunches and group dinners only go so far. A few days spent together is a shared experience that can be drawn upon when confronting challenges together. Attendees will gain a new perspective and appreciation for where each person is coming from. That respect should translate into better teamwork, which will be noticed and appreciated by all company members.

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