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Unbridled presentation design

Go beyond the typical PowerPoint presentation

Go beyond the typical PowerPoint presentation with Unbridled presentation design

Unbridled’s presentation design team is fluent in show graphics. A unique and specialized make up of designers who have honed their knowledge and skills in creating beautiful, engaging visuals that will carry your message with style. It’s not a team of “yespeople”, requiring minute detail and direction for every presentation design task. It’s a team of savvy designers that act as consultants that guide presenters in what’s possible and how to bring their presentation design to the next level.

A speaker without a presentation is like a composer without an orchestra. The main stage speakers of your event need to stand out and accompanying spoken word with visual wow is the key to engaging your audience. Whether you’d prefer to have presentations built from scratch, templates designed to give speakers freedom to express themselves, or slides optimized from existing materials — we’re here to help.

In addition to crafting original presentation design, we can refine your existing content into an even stronger composition or template. Our optimization process focuses as much on content strategy as it does on creative design. Even if you already have your material arranged in a template you like, we’ll make touch-ups to ensure the design is most conducive to how the content will be viewed.

Our presentation design team also works hand in hand with our speechwriting team, video production team, motion graphics team, and live event production team, to bring your event to life with seamless integration.

Ready to upgrade your “slides” with world-class presentation design? Let’s connect.
  • Easy-to-use, eye-catching templates
  • Optimized presentation flow
  • Refined presentation content
  • Focus on end-user experience
  • Compatible with on-stage or video events
  • Custom graphics & animations

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