How does one create truly transformative experiences?
How do we measure meaning? Impact? Conversion? Transformation?
If you’ve ever been genuinely touched by an experience, you knew it in the moment…you remember it to this day.

Welcome to SHIFT.

What is SHIFT?

That night you were moved to your core by the sound of a thousand voices singing your favorite song in perfect unison. The same song you laid in bed and cried to for weeks after that terrible breakup. You looked around at the majesty of the mountains and never-ending stars above…and suddenly felt so small. But at the same time…you knew you were standing in the midst of something universal…and caught up in a moment as meaningful to a crowd of strangers as it was to you. You experienced CONNECTION.

That year you trained for hours, weeks, and months for a marathon. All that work and sacrifice to prepare for one moment. You finally cross the finish line…limbs trembling, body pushed beyond what you knew you had within you. You’re covered in neon paint and sweat. Music pounds from the speakers above and confetti sticks to your skin. You smile to yourself as you experience exuberant PRIDE.

That business meeting last year. The one with the speaker who lost her six-year-old son to cancer…only nine months before. You can still see the smile on his face projected on the screen. The tears on hers as she recounted his heroic battle and the moment she knew it was time to let him go. You recall the sudden shift inside…from harried thoughts of forgotten tasks to an overwhelming feeling of GRATITUDE for your own children and COMPASSION for that poor woman. Emotion floods your heart and you silently thank God for a poignant reminder to experience LIFE to the fullest…in all its imperfections.

This is SHIFT.

That infusion of connection and meaning that instantaneously transforms your state of mind and being into an experience you’ll never forget. At Unbridled Solutions, we believe truly transformative experiences begin and end with PEOPLE…and that we ALL long for “magical” experiences. We seek them for ourselves, and we’re passionate about crafting them for others. We’re all about SHIFT…individually, collectively, authentically…which is why we truly believe in what we create.

You see, the power of an experience doesn’t lie so much in the outward manifestation of creativity, but in the core response it evokes. Personal encounters in life are truly subjective – their meaning and impact determined by the interpretation, or lens, of each person’s experience. It’s not enough to build brand awareness by merely skimming the surface of cognitive thinking. The most important element of any experience, in life or marketing, is the unique way each individual interacts with the message.

That’s why every Experience we Design at Unbridled Solutions is a two-way conversation – a process of engaging with clients to understand their brand, their message, their product so we can craft a truly transformative experience. A SHIFT in thinking, understanding, education, or growth. This is the magic of Experiential Design — its intrinsic edge over traditional branding.

Authenticity may just be the buzz word in 2016 – but we believe a company built on it and committed to sustaining it may just have the power to change the world. We believe it’s not what we do, but who we are that defines us as a company. We hire people, not positions. We work in an environment where people are free to be unbridled and collaborate fearlessly. We’re challenged and supported as we move into our passions and thrive in our truest callings.

And even if we don’t end up changing the whole world, we’re good with helping you change yours. It’s who we are. It’s what we love to do – craft experiences that impact people…and maybe even SHIFT their entire world.

Welcome to SHIFT.

We’re Unbridled Solutions…and this is Experience Design.

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