While checking into some common English usage errors recently, I began to ponder all the distinctive differences between common and uncommon. And, of course, that led {not lead, which is a common misspelling of led that could easily lead to a brief explanation of that vs. which to clarify which is always preceded by a comma while the other never is, but since I’ve already completely lost my train of thought, which is not uncommon for me, I’ll try to get us get back on track…} to pondering the uncommon characteristics, qualities, and ways of being we want to be known for at Unbridled Solutions.

I haven’t been able to spot it, but that doesn’t mean it’s not there. Thought for sure I’d see uncommon on our ‘un-word’ wall, but maybe it got cropped. Or unusual took its place. I don’t know, but the point is that words often say more than we realize, which is why I love wringing every possible meaning and connotation I can from them. And as soon as I started digging into this one, I knew it had something more to say. Something worth hearing.

Listen to these definitions: out of the ordinary; seldom found, seen, or experienced; remarkable; exceptional; singular. Nothing unusual, it seems. Just a string of words; their significance easily missed. But as I pondered their meanings, in light of who we are and what we want the Be Unbridled blog to be about, I got to thinking…

1. What if we were known for being so focused on exceptional solutions and services that the negativity commonly encountered in workplaces was seldom found in ours?

2. What if we were known for being uncommonly positive and courteous in all our dealings, not only with clients and vendors, but with each other in conversations about clients, vendors, and each other? {OUCH!}

3. What if we were uncommonly genuine, remarkably so… in ways so seldom seen, so singularly authentic, that people were impacted by everyday, out-of-the-ordinary encounters with a distinctly different kind of company?

Wouldn’t that be remarkable? That the everyday values of a company of people, and the ways of being we hold in common, could be so well-established that they became prevalent, widespread, and popular? No longer rare at all, but mainstream. Accepted universally. Common. All because a people, collaborating with a singular focus to make a difference in the world, simply chose to be uncommon.

Be uncommon. Make it common. 

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