When a company invites a local coffee roaster to make custom orders for employees you may think it pretentious, excessive, or just another start-up trying to be too hip for their bottom line. What if the intention isn’t to bathe employees in a moment of luxury, but to provide a different perspective on how and why story matters so much to a company’s culture?

Recently, Commonwealth Coffee set up shop at Unbridled Solutions. It was a chance for Commonwealth to share their story – their values, why they value people before product, why they are passionate about coffee, where good coffee comes from, why it all matters – and how their story can shape ours.

“The biggest, most important thing is people…”

“Coffee is secondary, even though we are a coffee company. The biggest, most important thing is people, and the people that gather around the coffee…relationships are the most important thing in all our lives,” said Commonwealth Co-Founder, Jason Farrar.

Making people and relationships front and center elevates the value and attention they give to their product. The coffee isn’t compromised because the person is valued first. Throughout the process of harvesting the bean to employees at the roaster, down to the experience and conversations that come from that cup – it’s about people.

A good reminder indeed. Unbridled places such a high value on relationships that it is the basis for how we relate to our clients and each other. Even in our hiring, we say we hire the person more than a position. To know the story behind the story of each person who works here keeps us authentic. It also shapes how we approach the individuals that make up our clients. To paraphrase Jason Farrar, “Events are secondary, even though we are an event logistics and marketing company. The most important thing is people.”

“Take infinite pains to make something that looks effortless.” – Michelangelo

“When you get a really tasty cup of coffee, it took a lot of work. And there’s probably been somewhere between 10-20 people that literally put their hands on your coffee to make it taste that good,” says Commonwealth Co-Founder, Ryan Fisher. That’s a lot of people! Did you ever consider all the details, the “infinite pains” it takes to make your cup of joe? Unbridled is always looking for ways to make something look effortless and it comes in the numerous details. “We like to think of it sort of like a mini-miracle every time you have…a really tasty cup of coffee,” says Farrar. His perspective is a good reminder for us at Unbridled to enjoy a dose of humble wonder when it all comes together.

We used Periscope to film Commonwealth’s visit, broadcasting the experience live for others to enjoy and learn a bit more about the art of coffee. An edited version is available below:

Every company’s culture has a valuable story wanting to be told. Every individual has a rich history waiting to be heard. Maybe it’s time to “gather around the coffee” and rediscover that story.

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