We’re not surprised to make Event Marketer’s list of 2015 Best Places to Work in Events, but man, are we proud! What Unbridled vets have known for years, and new hires figure out before they even finish the interview process, is fast becoming recognized in broader circles. And our formula? {No, wait. We don’t have a  formula. We’re Unbridled. Well, we kind of do, but not like you might think.}

What we have is a company founded on values that inspire ways of being that create a culture of radical opportunities to thrive and free-rein to collaborate in ways that wow our clients. Add to that, a really cool give-back built into a brilliant business model, and you’ve got a formula for something much bigger and better than any of us could ever accomplish alone. {Glad I started over. Maybe there is a formula after all. Well, kind of … but not really. Never mind.}

Workplace researchers are always wondering what employees love and/or hate about work, and why they stay or leave. So they develop surveys they hope will give them the true lowdown {or formula}, while employees who know exactly what makes their company the best place to work jump at the chance to tell them. And because we also know that it’s the little things that make or break an event … or a company … or being recognized as a best place to work, we do our best to say what’s not always easy to express in a survey, and hope they get it.

Then, on the morning of the always anticipated annual Rockies Opening Day party, a chalk drawing on the wall surrounded by familiar faces in far-flung places tells us we did it!  And suddenly, Opening Day becomes the backdrop for something bigger and better.

The card I find on my desk that morning, simply  says, “Thank you. Because of you… ” I take a moment to ponder that … {Because of me?}. Then I notice the subtleties of the graphics, {along with a sudden urge to say, “No, thank you!”} and wonder who stayed late and came in early to contribute to this thoughtful collaboration that marks everything we do. And, with a smile of recognition, it hits me. This is exactly what we hoped we were getting across in our survey responses. The intangibles. The hard-to-express things that set Unbridled apart, and the mutual appreciation that comes with knowing that none of what we do would be possible without each other.

Check out the article if you haven’t already. http://www.eventmarketer.com/article/best-places-to-work-in-events-2015/

Best places to work are always recognized by such things, and sometimes for them. Maybe even publicly. And when that happens, we celebrate accordingly — congratulating each other for successes that can only be accomplished together — knowing that on Monday morning, we’ll do what we always do just because of who we are.

But on this Opening Day of the 2015 Rockies season, we scramble to finish our work by noon before breaking out the beer and margaritas, the burgers and dogs to get the party started…like we always do. And in the meantime, Stan takes a few pictures of the revelry and celebrates his fearless team {that doesn’t always know how to express how much we love working here.} Then he slips out unnoticed…like he often does…sobered by the responsibility that accompanies recognition. And because he knows that a company committed to its values and ways of being will also be known by them, he ponders his dedication to the culture that defines US, more determined than ever to continue to be known by and for the qualities that make us who we are.

Congratulations US! And thank you. It’s because of you. {No, thank YOU!}

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