Good people are everywhere, doing good things, and Extreme Community Makeover is one organization here in Denver that offers a pretty radical opportunity to get involved locally. With only one full-time staff member, ECM relies on volunteers to fulfill its mission “to impact Denver neighborhoods one block at a time.” And because community is a cornerstone of Unbridled Solutions, partnering with them for a recent neighborhood project was right up our alley.

Coordinating a neighborhood makeover is quite an undertaking, but Angela Bomgaars and her team make it look easy. That’s the power of partnership. Through the efforts of ECM and countless volunteers, extremely good things are happening in some of Denver’s most historic and disadvantaged communities. To see some of their faces, including ours, you can check out ECM on Facebook.

For our project, we couldn’t have asked for a better neighborhood than the Elyria-Swansea-Globeville community, not far from our current office. Its history figures in significantly with the story of the Grant Street Mansion where we will be moving in the next few months. And our project? You guessed it… cleaning yards and the connecting alley.

When we asked the team what they value more, and want to be more intentional about in their lives, as a result of participating in the Extreme Community Makeover, they gave us these two-word takeaways, along with a couple of closing quotes:

Creating connection * Valuing work * Nurturing compassion

Cultivating goodness

Offering hope * Sparking purpose * Restoring beauty

“How cool to see the Unbridled mission and “ways of being” come to life outside the office, and be able to work together to transform a section of our neighboring community. By partnering with Extreme Community Makeover, we transformed an alley…a few yards…and hopefully, a few hearts.”

And that pretty much says it all. Well, except for this…

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