In August of 2004, it was determined that the local historical significance, distinctive architectural characteristics, and artistically distinguishable workmanship of the Dennis Sheedy home met the criteria of a National Historic Landmark, as set forth by the U.S. Office of Archaeology and Historic Preservation. It took 43 pages of painstaking architectural and historical detail to complete the nomination papers, including a “Statement of Significance” affirming that the characteristics of the building warranted preservation and restoration for new purposes. Now, eleven years down the road, Unbridled Solutions joins the verification process, confirming by its purchase the continued merit and future significance of the Sheedy Mansion.

It takes the aesthetic eye of craftsmen, architects, and designers to appreciate the aging beauty of historic buildings, the fearless hearts of die-hard historians to save them from demolition, and the investment of generous visionaries to reclaim the soul of their enduring significance. Whether it’s an antiquated building, a person past-their-prime, or someone smack dab in the middle of their prime with a diminished sense of their true value, we’re moved by stories of recognized significance and reclaimed purpose.

That’s why we’re very intentional about making “statements of significance” at Unbridled Solutions. It’s our way of recognizing the value of our co-workers and expressing our appreciation for their unique contributions to the work we do together as a team…for our clients and for our culture. We call them “Ways of Being,” and we make it a priority to open every internal meeting with both written and spoken words that affirm each other for exemplifying the values that identify us as a company.

It’s a heart-warming tradition any time of year, and especially timely at Thanksgiving…the perfect opportunity to let the entire Unbridled team know how thankful we are for each person who makes us who we are as a whole. And to the founders and guardians of all things Unbridled, we hope you know how grateful we are to be a part of a culture that values who we are and what we contribute…and takes painstaking measures to invest in, restore, and preserve our significant and nomination-worthy lives.

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