Had it with “White Christmas” and other syrupy-sounding holiday songs? Done with the divisiveness of recent political events? So was John Lennon when he and Yoko conceived a song, dedicated to their young children, with a timeless message of “social unity and peaceful change, enacted through personal accountability and empowerment.”

“Happy Xmas (War is Over)” has been an annual favorite ever since, with an opening line that inspired the idea for this holiday post. We hope it brings a smile or two as you pause to enjoy a collection of images showing the Unbridled family reveling in the happenings of the season at work, at play, and at home. May they inspire us all to do what we can to “stop all the fighting” by offering understanding that eliminates fear…first in our own families, friendships, and partnerships…and ultimately in ever-widening circles we never imagined we could affect.

After all…isn’t that what we really want for Christmas? What we want all the time? To have fun with near and dear ones. To enjoy special moments with loved ones, young and old. To keep our spirits bright and our hearts brimming with good will toward all. Weak. Strong. Rich. Poor. Black. White. Yellow. Red.

And what better time than now to recall what really matters, reaffirm our highest hopes and most noble dreams, and remember once again…”so this is Christmas!”

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