When Unbridled Solutions was named a Best Place to Work in Events last year by Event Marketer, the ratings were based solely on employee survey responses. The goal was to recognize agencies and partners that deliver the best work experiences, provide the most employee support, and have superior office environments and cultures across the industry. To get the real scoop, they knew exactly who to ask. The people who work there.

Event Marketer found that “little things go a long way…in an industry that has never been for the weak of heart.” And a recent conversation with one of our Account Managers in San Diego confirmed the findings.

“It’s the little things,” she told us. In her six years with Unbridled, what makes the difference for Gineen, personally, is being part of a company that hires people not positions, does the right thing, nurtures fearless creativity and collaboration, and proves that the smallest details often make the biggest impression and impact when it comes to building strong, ongoing relationships with clients.

Take a listen. Well said, Gineen! And thanks for being the picture of what it means to BE Unbridled!

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