In a business like ours, we’re trained to expect the unexpected. Day in and day out, we plan for it. Thrive on it. Handling whatever comes our way with confidence and grace, because we’re prepared for it. We have a contingency plan for everything from crazy weather and unanticipated hotel repairs to catering snafus and last-minute staffing issues. We love coming up with solutions for our clients…and providing just the Unbridled Response they need when the unexpected happens.

Unfortunately, responding to the unexpected in our personal lives can be an altogether different story. In fact, few of us are usually equipped, either emotionally or financially, for the sudden impact of a serious accident, family crisis, health emergency, or natural disaster. Thankfully, though — just as we find with our clients — it’s in our DNA to help each other when life takes an unforeseen turn for the worse. It’s only natural to respond when people we care about are going through some kind of difficulty, but not always a given that we know the best way to show it with our teammates at work.

Crisis can mean different things to different people, and there can be a thousand distinct reactions to what it looks like to extend and receive help in the workplace. But regardless of the specifics, hardship tends to bring people together. When one of us hurts, we all do. And in our search to find meaning in human suffering, reaching beyond empathy to active engagement with those directly involved often provides the comfort and resolution we need as well.

It’s what Liz, Mike, and Don did when they lost a good friend. They pulled together and came up with the Rock It Forward Fund. When the six-year-old daughter of a former Travel Director died, the Boston office launched a fundraiser to help fund research of the rare childhood cancer, DIPG. And during the Louisiana floods that affected Sara’s relatives last year, Olivia and Jonathan were among the first responders on the scene. It’s what a caring community does…and the reason behind the Unbridled Response Fund

A way to pool resources, so we’re prepared when something unexpected comes up. A way to plan ahead, confident that together we can handle anything…with grace. A way to respond when teammates are suffering and we have no idea what to say or do to help. Our hearts go out to them. We can’t imagine what they’re going through. We want to do something. So, we simply show up the best we can and pull together.

Like a great big collective hug, the fund will be ready and waiting when somebody needs it. Not just one hug, either, but many — thanks to dollar-for-dollar matching from UnbridledACTS. Because it’s only natural to wish we could give more or wonder if our little amount will make a difference. But, the truth is…when hearts join together to respond to human need, there’s no stopping the momentum we can generate, the impact we can make, and the pillars of strength we can be for each other.

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