It hasn’t been that long since Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria pummeled Texas, Florida, and Puerto Rico, but life goes on and we often lose touch with the aftermath of faraway catastrophes. While some areas report that “every day gets a little better, the devastation is still numbing…even as the media focus shifts to other tragedies.”

Individual efforts often feel futile in the face of widespread destruction, but residents of affected areas assure us that every little bit counts. Our hearts go out to them. We can’t imagine what they’re going through. We want to do something. So, we simply show up the best we know how and pull together to do what we can. Because when one of us hurts, we all do, and in our search to find meaning in human suffering, reaching beyond empathy to active engagement often provides the comfort and resolution we need as well.

After learning that close friends of an Unbridled employee lost their home and all their belongings, we were thrilled to be able to help with some of their immediate needs that would have taken much longer through FEMA and insurance claims. Thanks to your donations to the Unbridled Response Fund, matched by UnbridledACTS, the family was able to use the tax-free funds at their own discretion to cover basic necessities and find temporary housing while they rebuild both their home and their lives.

Every little bit really does make a difference…still. So, if memories of the recent hurricanes have grown a little distant, we hope this serves as a timely reminder that the recovery continues and it’s not too late to show you care.

To donate funds to those affected by the hurricanes, other natural disasters, or difficult circumstances beyond their control, please click the icon below and let us know of family or friends who might benefit from our assistance. Remember…the more we give, the greater the match, and the bigger the difference we make.

Like a great big collective hug…the Unbridled Response Fund is here to help when you need it most.

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