Change is how you improve the present.

A core value to our unbridled culture is a willingness to change. It is a bit of a paradox because core values, by their nature, don’t change. Being willing to change, though, is an important complementary virtue. Change is inevitable. Change is how organisms move beyond survival to thriving and flourishing. Change is how you improve the present. Unbridled Solutions has experienced its share of change, and there is little sign of it letting up anytime soon.

Our nimble band has nearly doubled in the past 18 months, necessitating all our offices across the country to move into new spaces. With the growth comes new faces, new blood, new perspectives, new talent… and all this leads to new endeavors, moving into uncharted waters, and recalibrating how we communicate in order to thrive in those new territories.

“Very often at the heart of difficulty, there is the light of a great jewel. It is wise to learn to embrace with hospitality that which is awkward.” – John O’ Donohue

The catch-22 of all this newness is the inevitable human tendency to dislike change. C.S. Lewis once observed that humans like the illusion of keeping things the same, constantly replaying the film of experiences that were never meant to happen more than once. While we have a willingness to change, it is not as if we all cheerfully head into it, joyfully whistling like the seven dwarves on our way to work. We each, in our own way, will grumble and resist the difficulty of change. And though the resistance creates moments of awkwardness, it is these moments that provide some of our greatest opportunities.

With change at the center of how Unbridled Solutions operates, we are free to embrace the “new” that lies just around the corner…or in our particular instance, the new spaces we now call home and everything both awkward and exciting that will come with it.

How available are you to the inevitability of change?

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