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Unbridled's Story Arc

Your event's new corporate messaging tool

Unbridled’s corporate messaging tool — visualize your story

Understanding the corporate messaging process can be difficult when dealing with multiple speakers, myriad breakout sessions, and countless other content pieces. Luckily, we have a way of keeping things simple, cohesive and on message.

The Story Arc is a visual tool that helps us understand an event’s overarching narrative and stay aligned on the order of general sessions. By visualizing how one segment flows into the next, the Story Arc acts as an executive summary of the event’s core messaging. The length of each session is represented by the size of the circles along the timeline. On top of being a great overview tool for speakers, the Story Arc allows presenters to visualize an event in its entirety. It becomes a co-created tool for use throughout the entirety of your event, even during the early planning stages where certain topics order and information are determined.

The Story Arc is a living document that can be updated while corporate event planners iterate on the show’s framework. Our creative directors, speechwriters and content strategists maintain the timeline’s structure and appearance to accurately reflect your latest strategy. Above all, the tool serves to align presenters on a clear direction for the event’s various presentations, videos, and live segments.

Story Arc acts as a north star for the presentation design and video production, and live event production management team so they can develop the content and produce the event. And serving as an executive brief for event presenters — we found that the Story Arc can advance the discussion of who says what when by weeks. Every presenter knows their part in the play, and what the play is about.

Want help unraveling your event story? Get in touch with us today — start your event’s Story Arc.
  • Creative & content strategy
  • Sleek & intuitive design
  • Theme & message continuity
  • Unifying story
  • Framework for content development
  • Outline for best practices

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