Four images immediately come to mind when I think of what it means to #beunbridled. They’re emblazoned in my mind as visual representations of the sometimes hard-to-define intangibles that capture the essence of our unbridled culture. Our Cornerstones anchor us to what endures, while also equipping us for what lies ahead. New graphics will, of course, take the place of the previous, as will the language we use to reflect who we are, what we do, and the values that drive everything we do. It’s the nature of a pioneering community stepping into the unknown territory of an emerging future.

The past year has brought some pretty big changes to our “little” community. Unprecedented growth. Emerging companies. The challenges of providing unique solutions for new clients…far beyond the scope of previous size and complexity. Oh, and let’s not forget a major move. To a mansion, no less…complete with all the excitement and challenges that accompany change and a massive renovation project.

In the midst of all this, it’s wise to revisit the values we hold in common…the ways of being that bind us together…the essence that is both enduring and evolving. So, naturally, I sat down with Stan…to hear in his own words what our four Cornerstones mean to him today. One by one, we took a new look at them…along with the Ways of Being connected to each one. We’ll explore them all more fully in the months ahead, but for now…I’ll leave you with a picture of Stan, leaning back in his chair, his face to the sky, eyes closed…a pioneer searching both heart and horizon for language that inspires us to look beyond what we thought possible to pursue greater realities than we knew existed.

CHARACTER“doing what’s right when nobody’s looking because it’s who we are”

CHANGE“a constant pursuit of higher ground…the essence of Unbridled”

CREDIBILITY “the ripple effect of sustained character”

COMMUNITY“believing in our inherent goodness and consistently calling each other up to a greater reality”

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