Seriously. Who takes an entire company to a luxury resort in Cabo San Lucas for team building?

We knew there was something different about this place right up front when we first interviewed. We may not have been able to explain what it was exactly, but we intuitively knew we wanted in. So we signed on…”thankful, terrified, proud”…to be offered such a radical opportunity, and hit the ground running.

The first week, month, six weeks feels a little like “chasing marbles” and “floundering around” trying to figure out how to create and collaborate fearlessly with such bright, talented, and confident co-workers. {This can take a while. Some of us still pinch ourselves, wondering how in the world we got the job…and if we really belong here.} And everyday, we push past another insecurity, inspired by the very people who intimidate us. We see their brilliance, their vulnerability, their courage — and we want to see the same in ourselves.

Then one day in Friday Forum, we hear we’re going to Cabo for our next team building excursion. Are you kidding me? Here we go…being all unbridled again. Not just defying corporate team building norms, but challenging personal ideas of belonging and being on the receiving end of such generosity. Not to mention having to show up in a bathing suit! But we force ourselves to show up, step up, connect, and be an integral part of a culture that defies status quo, redefines success, and sees greatness in people long before we can see it for ourselves. And for that…we are especially thankful, proud, and a lot less terrified.

*A great big thanks to Unbridled for C.A.B.O. (Culture of Authenticity and Bad-ass Opportunities!) A shout-out to all our intimidatingly talented and fun coworkers for our Final Night entertainment. And a great big congratulations to the KAT PACK (Kat, Emily, Ginna, Kaylin, Kristina, and Meredith) for capturing Be Unbridled so perfectly with your winning video!

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