The message from Finance to Creative in a recent status meeting was loud and clear: “No more creative nice guy. No more right-brained peacemakers. Figure out how to say what you need to say, and stop shooting yourselves in the foot. Ask questions, get answers, and don’t do the work until you have what you need.”

It was absolutely eloquent… in an unexpected sort of way. We sat there speechless, contemplating the truth we had just heard. In awe {and a little afraid} of such directness.

Creatives tend to think of eloquence as sweetly placed words, modestly directed (William Shakespeare), a painting of thought (Blaise Pascal), the poetry of prose (William Cullen Bryant). But what is it really, if not the honest expression of a genuine heart? The art of clothing thoughts in apt, significant, and sounding words… (John Dryden).

That’s exactly what we heard that day. An analytic, bottom-line thinker who cared enough to say what a room full of creatives needed to hear because she knows they earn bonuses every day behind their giant computer screens, but can be too damn nice to fight for them. Who knew that clashing communication styles could be so moving? So motivating?

It’s a valuable lesson for us all, whether we’re right-brained or left-brained.

BE heart-driven. BE direct. BE eloquent.

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