If a man’s home is his castle, then Dennis Sheedy certainly took the sentiment to heart when he “determined to construct the home of his dreams” in 1890.

Two years later, the Denver Republican described the new build as an “imposing, elegant, and tasteful home, not given to lavish display.” And today, Unbridled Contractors builds out new office space in the former Sheedy residence, under the careful eye of Historic Denver, as Unbridled Solutions takes both the man and the mansion to heart…on the road to our new home.

If you’re not familiar with the Sheedy Mansion, also known as the Grant Street Mansion, the National Register of Historic Places gives a meticulous description of its notable {and undeniably extravagant} features, allowing a unique glance back to the days of hand-carved dovetailing and artistic craftsmanship. To walk through four stories and 16,000 square feet of landmark-worthy design and detailing is truly stunning. To fathom the level of commitment, craftsmanship, and labor required to build it is practically impossible.

It’s fascinating to imagine this National Landmark and mansion as a private home in the late 1800s. For all the success, wealth, and influence that is public record about the man and the mansion today, there are lesser known and untold stories of equal significance in the personal history of the family.

The legacy of Dennis Sheedy’s dream home honors more than the success of a brilliant businessman with the resources to build an imposing and elegant residence. It also tells a story of perseverance and resilience, hardship and sorrow, and a deep love of nature – all of which contributed to the making of the man who penned this simple account of the making of his mansion:

When I realized that my remaining days were to be spent in Denver, I determined to construct the home of my dreams, and so I bought ten lots at Eleventh Avenue and Grant Street, and in 1890 began the construction of the house in which I now live, and have lived for many years. I called attention in the story of my early boyhood to my love of nature, and so I have around my home sufficient land for flowers and trees, and it is with pride I have seen passers-by stop to admire the grounds. This same love of nature prompted me to furnish each room of the house with a distinctive wood, such as maple, sycamore, cherry, birch, quarter-sawed oak, mahogany, and so on, and I carried out the idea to include the furniture to correspond with the wood of each room.  In August of 1892, my house was completed, and I may say no more of my home than that it has met my every expectation, and has more than fulfilled all my dreams.

The Unbridled companies are all about fulfilling dreams. We love the dreams, the fulfillment, and the stories that fill the space…between the dreaming and the coming true. We hope you’ll stay with us on the road to the mansion as we share more of those stories in the months ahead.

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